Wellness Programs

Better Life Recovery & Wellness programs are organized and coordinated programs. The goal of these professional programs and classes is to enhance an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Depending on the setting, a wellness health plan may also address both a client’s vocational and spiritual well-being needs.  In turn, this will assist them with adjusting to life’s challenges and successfully managing their recovery. Wellness plans, which are a part of the client’s larger treatment plan, are based on the SAMHSA Wellness ModelBetter Life Recovery & Wellness programs will support and enhance optimal functioning in the Eight Dimensions of Wellness: 

  • Emotional: being able to cope with life and creating meaningful and satisfying relationships. 
  • Environment: promoting a healthy well-being through a positive environment. 
  • Financial: having a sense of satisfaction with their current and future financial situation.
  • Intellectual: recognizing creative outlets and expanding their skills. 
  • Occupational: feeling a sense of satisfaction from their employment.
  • Physical: understanding that there is a need for physical activity, a healthy sleep and nutrition plan. 
  • Social: developing a community that can support them. 
  • Spiritual: expanding their sense of meaning in life. 

Our wellness programs will be client-centered, individual and group-based, creative, and ongoing throughout the treatment plan process.

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