Welcome to Better Life Recovery & Wellness! We are an addiction and mental health recovery center with a focus on improving your overall well-being. 

Located in Caldwell, New Jersey, we provide a comprehensive wellness component to our programs. At Better Life Recovery & Wellness, we strive to help people through our customized programs.

Better Life Recovery & Wellness


Better Life Recovery & Wellness provides the highest quality Substance Use Disorder treatment and mental health services through positive, supportive and caring programs within a safe environment. We believe in and endorse our values of leadership, safety, learning, innovation, responsibility and respect. 

Our Programs

At Better Life Recovery & Wellness, we provide the following programs:

  • Individual Therapy: Aims to help individuals overcome an obstacle they feel may be limiting their quality of life.
  • Family Programming: Designed to help repair relationships that have been strained by addiction and other mental and behavioral health challenges.
  • Wellness Programs: Enhance an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Group Counseling: Provides clients with the opportunity to address the issues that concern them directly, as well as the ability to identify with others and examine life patterns that might be interfering with personal growth.
  • Life Skills Workshops: Help participants learn coping skills for managing stress, negative moods, maladaptive behaviors and relationships. 
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): A form of treatment that allows individuals to have the comfort of home and routine daily life while they progress in early recovery.

The therapy programs we provide are tailored for the individual client because we believe treatment should be a personalized experience.

Clients will receive at least two one-on-one therapy sessions a week. These sessions will ensure a high level of individualized care. Clients will work with their primary therapist more intensely on specific issues and learn how to apply and practice new skills and coping mechanisms.

Amongst our many services, we provide Psychoeducation wellness seminars that encompass drug prevention and wellness education. 


Are you or someone you care about struggling with mental health or addiction issues? Better Life Recovery & Wellness is here to help. We determine the best treatment option for each of our clients on an individual basis. Fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch with you soon. 

If you need help now, call us at 877.594.2752