Individual Therapy

At Better Life Recovery & Wellness, we believe that your treatment should be as individual as you are. That is why our therapists offer customized therapy programs for the individual client. 

Therapy can treat an individual’s mental, emotional, physical and behavioral concerns including, but not limited to:

  • Addiction & Substance Abuse
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Abuse
  • Work issues
  • Relationship issues

It may be time to seek therapy services if an individual is experiencing problems that limit the activities they would typically do. It is essential that they don’t wait until these issues and the corresponding symptoms become too severe. 

Clients will receive at least two one-on-one therapy sessions a week. These sessions will ensure a high level of individualized care. In individual counseling, clients will work with their primary therapist more intensely on their specific issues and discuss how to apply and practice their skills and new understandings. Individual therapy also provides an opportunity to adjust a client’s overall treatment plan as their journey and treatment needs evolve.

Individual therapy, also called therapy or psychotherapy, aims to help individuals overcome an obstacle they feel may be limiting their quality of life. In this type of therapy, individuals will learn how to handle situations that they may have felt were difficult to handle at some point, make informed decisions that they feel good about and reach goals that they felt were unreachable. 

Unfortunately, society does not always understand what another person is going through if they haven’t gone through it themselves. This causes some individuals within society to have certain perceptions about others who seek therapy services. According to a telephone survey of 1,000 randomly selected Americans developed by the American Psychological Association, 30 percent of participants were concerned about other people finding out that they were seeking mental health services; 20 percent said that the stigma around therapy was a “very important reason to not seek help.” 

Having these stigmas within society may encourage individuals to feel shame when discussing their past and events that happened or worry about how society will perceive them as violent, incapable of caring for themselves or others or even feared. 

However, we are here to tell you that our staff at Better Life Recovery is here to help to the best of our ability. At our center, everyone is understanding and their one goal is to get an individual back to the quality of life that they are looking for.

Individual Therapy Session

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