Group Therapy


Better Life Recovery & Wellness offers ongoing counseling groups for our clients. For individuals dealing with various psycho-social-emotional-behavioral challenges, addressing their issues within the context of a counselor-led group can be the most helpful form of counseling.

Group counseling provides clients with the opportunity to address the issues that concern them directly, as well as the ability to identify with others and examine life patterns that might be interfering with personal growth. In group counseling, clients have the opportunity to gain immediate feedback from other group members and the group facilitators. By receiving feedback and perspective from others, individuals increase their awareness of themselves and aspects of their lives that they wish to change.

Group counseling also provides an opportunity to experiment with new behaviors, talk about feelings individuals have been hesitant to express, or assert themselves in new ways. Clients will also be able to learn from other members as they identify and connect with their struggles and successes. The more an individual invests in group counseling, mentally and emotionally, the more they will benefit.

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