Addiction/Substance-Abuse Counseling

BLR provides professional Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) services to adults with addiction and substance-abuse challenges based on their level of care. Grounded within the SAMHSA Wellness Model approach, BLR holistically supports adult clients with comprehensive clinical and addiction counseling services, as well as, psycho-educational didactic seminars for drug awareness, relapse prevention, 12 step recovery, anger management, life skills, and stress management. Additionally, through high-level treatment planning, clients work collaboratively with their professional counselors to individualize their treatment experience. Both IOP and OP clients receive individual and group counseling and are eligible for additional “a la carte” services per their specific needs.

Utilizing evidence-based clinical modalities for addiction recovery, BLR assists our clients with better identifying and managing the stressors, cues and triggers, and social networks that might influence maladaptive behaviors. Ultimately our BLR Clinical Team will work diligently with our clients (through trauma informed care principles) to develop an effective, person-centered treatment plan tailored to your addiction and individual needs.

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Better Life Recovery & Wellness, a premier treatment facility located in Caldwell, NJ, exists to bring expert care to those struggling with substance addiction and those affected by it.

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